The West Virginia Head Start State Collaboration Office works to facilitate collaboration among Head Start and Early Head Start programs, connecting them with outside entities that provide support to benefit low-income families with children from birth to age 5.


West Virginia Head Start State Collaboration Office  (WVHSSCO)

This collaboration and coordination is fundamental to the structure and success of Head Start programs. The West Virginia HSSCO’s scope of work addresses a range of issues, from early childhood system development, school transitions and childcare, to professional development.  The HSSCO also focuses on community partnerships addressing health care for families—including mental and oral health—and services to children experiencing homelessness or with disabilities.

In addition, the WV HSSCO works as an efficient single-point of contact for state agencies and local programs, keeping stakeholders informed of current services, policies, and initiatives, and providing opportunities for them to identify areas of growth and improvement within Head Start. The WV HSSCO is essential in forging and maintaining strong relationships with the many organizations and affiliates Head Start and Early Head Start partner with—with the ultimate goal of empowering West Virginia families in need.