The Bulletin

A Wonderful Story from CASE Early Head Start in Summers County

Shannon Atwell, Assistant Director CASE WV Head Start/Early Head Start


One year ago Brooke, a 2 year old child enrolled in the Summers County Early Head Start program, was not able to crawl or walk on her own. She had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delays.

The Mental Health/Disabilities Manager reached out to The Lexi Kazian Foundation and we received a Gait Trainer from Lexi’s Equipment Closet. This piece of equipment would have cost close to $2000, had it been purchased new.

The Gait Trainer has made a huge difference for this child’s participation in the Early Head Start program. Due to health problems, she was still crawling and not walking at two years of age. The Gait Trainer allows her to walk unassisted like her peers. She is now able to get around on the playground without having to crawl in the grass or just be held by her teacher or seated in a chair.

She has made much progress since she began using the Gait Trainer. The seat has recently been removed and she has gained much more control and is now able to stand and walk upright rather than hunched over.

Here is a recent update from July 2014:

“Brooke has made so much progress over this past year! She has graduated from the gait trainer and is now walking on her own! She has gained so much more control and is able to get on her own feet without support. She is still a little unsteady on uneven surfaces and needs some encouragement. She is now able to walk up steps while holding on to something.”